Stock screener: Dividend Starters

This free screener lists companies that have recently started a dividend payment policy, or at least restarted it. To qualify, the dividend must also have some significance in relation to market capitalization, in example, not symbolic.

In theory, dividend payments should be neutral. If even if the stockholder receives or not the payment, he’s still the owner of the money generated. Meaning that what you don’t get in dividend payments you should get in stock price increases. In this regard, Peter Lynch taught a build-your-own-dividend method. Nonetheless and tax considerations aside, many investors still prefer the money in their pocket rather than in the company’s.

More important than that, starting or increasing dividends are usually taken by the market as a signal of management’s outlook regarding business prospects.

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Symbol Company Sector Industry Mkt Cap Div Yield
IMNN Imunon, Inc. Healthcare Biotechnology 0.01 14.39
QNRX Quoin Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. Healthcare Biotechnology 0.01 11.98
VIVE Viveve Medical, Inc. Healthcare Medical Devices 0.0 9.11
CBIO Catalyst Biosciences, Inc. Healthcare Biotechnology 0.01 6.05
MULN Mullen Automotive, Inc. Consumer Cyclical Auto Manufacturers 0.13 2.94
CRTD Creatd, Inc. Communication Services Internet Content & Information 0.01 1.09
EBET EBET, Inc. Consumer Cyclical Gambling 0.01 0.78
PLYM-PA Plymouth Industrial REIT, Inc. 0.19 0.35
ALLR Allarity Therapeutics, Inc. Healthcare Biotechnology 0.0 0.32
ZIM ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd. Industrials Marine Shipping 1.71 0.31
ENSC Ensysce Biosciences, Inc. Healthcare Biotechnology 0.0 0.24
GTX Garrett Motion Inc. Consumer Cyclical Auto Parts 0.55 0.23
SCOR comScore, Inc. Communication Services Internet Content & Information 0.08 0.19
LOCO El Pollo Loco Holdings, Inc. Consumer Cyclical Restaurants 0.34 0.16
FEIM Frequency Electronics, Inc. Technology Communication Equipment 0.06 0.15
TPG TPG Inc. Financial Services Asset Management 8.36 0.12
MDWT Midwest Holding Inc. Financial Services Insurance—Life 0.1 0.12
CGNT Cognyte Software Ltd. Technology Software—Infrastructure 0.36 0.1
JVA Coffee Holding Co., Inc. Consumer Defensive Packaged Foods 0.01 0.09
SIGA SIGA Technologies, Inc. Healthcare Drug Manufacturers—Specialty & Generic 0.4 0.08
JXN Jackson Financial Inc. Financial Services Insurance—Life 2.44 0.08
CNNB Cincinnati Bancorp, Inc. Financial Services Banks—Regional 0.04 0.08
SNEX StoneX Group Inc. Financial Services Capital Markets 1.74 0.07
SNPX Synaptogenix, Inc. Healthcare Biotechnology 0.01 0.06
GROM Grom Social Enterprises, Inc. Communication Services Internet Content & Information 0.0 0.06