Stock screener: Cash Hoarders

This free screener filters companies that are in a paramount financial position, with a lot of cash in excess of financial debt, and therefore poised in the short term for one or more of the following:

  • Offer to buy a competitor, a provider, or a third-party firm. This may provide strategic value, increasing revenues, profits, and possibly future cash flows.
  • Pay a one-time very large dividend, or increase regular payments, without increasing debt levels.
  • Start or increase a large stock buyback program, driving stock demand up and pushing up prices. The fewer diners, the most pie they get (i.e. Earnings per Share goes up)
  • Reinvest in the company, to fuel revenue growth and potentially profits.

Follow any symbol link for an in-depth fundamental analysis of the company. You may sort any column in ascending or descending order.

On mobile devices, we recommend using it landscape (horizontally) for better visualization.

Symbol Company Sector Industry Mkt Cap Score
NERV Minerva Neurosciences, Inc. Healthcare Biotechnology 0.05 1.0
SRZN Surrozen, Inc. Healthcare Biotechnology 0.08 1.0
FHTX Foghorn Therapeutics Inc. Healthcare Biotechnology 0.31 1.0
DBTX Decibel Therapeutics, Inc. Healthcare Biotechnology 0.1 1.0
DJCO Daily Journal Corporation Technology Software—Application 0.35 0.99
HOTH Hoth Therapeutics, Inc. Healthcare Biotechnology 0.01 0.99
KRON Kronos Bio, Inc. Healthcare Biotechnology 0.2 0.99
QSI Quantum-Si incorporated Healthcare Biotechnology 0.37 0.99
CYN Cyngn Inc. Technology Software—Application 0.03 0.99
CODX Co-Diagnostics, Inc. Healthcare Medical Devices 0.1 0.98
RMED Ra Medical Systems, Inc. Healthcare Medical Devices 0.01 0.98
MICT MICT, Inc. Technology Computer Hardware 0.09 0.98
CFMS Conformis, Inc. Healthcare Medical Devices 0.04 0.98
LPTX Leap Therapeutics, Inc. Healthcare Biotechnology 0.09 0.97
MOTS Motus GI Holdings, Inc. Healthcare Medical Devices 0.01 0.97
SONM Sonim Technologies, Inc. Technology Communication Equipment 0.02 0.97
NAUT Nautilus Biotechnology, Inc. Healthcare Biotechnology 0.25 0.96
ADCT ADC Therapeutics SA Healthcare Biotechnology 0.38 0.96
EPRT Essential Properties Realty Trust, Inc. Real Estate REIT—Diversified 2.97 0.96
NXPL NextPlat Corp Technology Software—Application 0.02 0.96
SYBX Synlogic, Inc. Healthcare Biotechnology 0.07 0.95
GMBL Esports Entertainment Group, Inc. Consumer Cyclical Gambling 0.01 0.95
SURF Surface Oncology, Inc. Healthcare Biotechnology 0.06 0.95
EQC Equity Commonwealth Real Estate REIT—Office 2.84 0.95
ILPT Industrial Logistics Properties Trust Real Estate REIT—Industrial 0.46 0.94