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Awarener is a stocks fundamental analysis research engine, capable of daily analyzing the financial statements and market capitalization of more than 4700 companies that trade in the USA capital markets and explain its conclusions in natural language.

Every day Awarener updates the financial statements database with the most recent financial statements reported, as well as keeps track of stock price changes, to keep its conclusions up to date.

Awarener can:

  • Explain to you in plain, natural language the interpretation of the financial statements. Tell you the conclusions.
  • Compare any stock to any other of your choosing, among its known universe, and tell you which one prefers and why.
  • Screen stocks that fulfill predefined criteria of desirability, to discover investing ideas.

Why Awarener?

  • Many websites usually show isolated numbers and charts (data), but not the meaning behind that (the information), falling in you to make sense out of it. Instead, Awarener goes that step further in your aid.
  • While a report written by a financial analyst may interpret those numbers for one company, it may be costly and will quickly be outdated, as new financial statements are reported, and the stock price suffers rapid changes. As thousands of companies are reporting numbers, it’s massive data to process everyday, something which Awarener is well suited to do.
  • We’re an independent project, with no financial backing from any Wall Street firm whatsoever.

How to look for a company?

  1. If you want an in-depth fundamental research on a stock, type the company name or symbol in the leftmost upper textbox. Awarener provides assistance as you do.
  2. Optional: if you want it compared to another firm of your choosing, type the second company name or symbol in the rightmost textbox.
  3. You may choose easy or analytical mode, depending on if you’re already familiarized with financial terminology.
  4. Click Go! to get the desired results. Awarener remembers your last search so you may reuse your preferences in a next query.

Is Awarener free?

Oh yes! Please check our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy. If you like Awarener, consider spreading the word by sharing through social media buttons, or even making a donation to support the project.

The problem we solve

It requires time, energy, and much financial knowledge to understand and keep up with the massive daily data on thousands of trading stocks.

Our current goal

To explain in natural language the up-to-date key financial insights on USD-reporting public stocks.

Our mission

To assist people in understanding and choosing the stocks in which they invest in, by knowing the fundamentals of the company behind the stock.

Our vision

We envision a world where algorithms help people understand the vast universe of daily data around them, to make better informed choices.

Why launch Awarener?

You probably heard Warren Buffett’s phrase “invest in what you know”. It’s more than a phrase; it’s sound financial advice. But do we really know what stock are we investing in?

Sure, there’re lots of websites about stocks, many of them with charts and financial ratios about a chosen company. But then it’s up to you to analyze all that data and try to make some sense out of it. Sometimes those ratios, charts and colors even seem to contradict themselves. What if the company has great growth but poor margins? Is it good? Is it bad? Is it better than the peer company?

When you take your blood test to the doctor, you want to know the meaning behind the numbers, say, if you’re okay. Otherwise, it would be like watching only half the movie.

One may or may not have the financial knowledge to interpret those numbers, and even then, it’s a time and energy consuming activity.

Some investing sites give you a crude “score”. They don’t explain how they came up with it and justify it on supposedly past returns records. Do you trust that score blindly? Would you not prefer to know what it’s based upon?

Awarener not just crunches the numbers, but also makes sense of them.

It gives you the conclusions, not just data.